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Cruise Oregon 2015 Photos!


Cruise Oregon 2015

" Monkeyin' Around"


Cruise Oregon September Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

September is halfway through, the hot weather has gone away, and the Fall rains have started. Hope you all had a great end to your summer!

Your Cruise Oregon committee met last Wednesday night to go over your postcards and nice letters, and discuss how to distribute the monies raised to our designated charities. Here is a list of where we have donated the money from the cruise:

 $250.00 to the Long Valley Preservation Society (Roseberry)
$714.00 to the Kamiah Kiwanis
$200.00 to the Kamiah Community Credit Union
$2,500.00 to the Sandy Action Community Center
$2,500.00 to the Oregon National Guard Family Assitance Program
$1,154.97 to the Christmas Shopping Fund/Sandy Kiwanis

I have been working on the pictures for the website, and they should be on there soon.

Wasn't that a wonderful trip? Most feel they have never seen such beautiful country, and I have to agree. 2015 will go in my books as one of the best we have done!

As a lot of you already know, after 15 years of planning this week-long event, your Cruise Oregon Committee has decided to take a break. There will be no cruise next year, but we will keep all of your contact information and if we plan something in the future, you'll be the first to know. We will miss all of you, so please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing, or if in town, stop by one of our club meetings the first Tuesday of each month at the Clackamas County Bank in Sandy, to say Hi. Meetings are at 7 PM.

Our lunch stop in Kamiah, Idaho, was great, don't you think? Not long after we left Kamiah, they were hit by a 2,000 acre forest fire and 42 homes and 75 outbuildings were burned. The entire town was evacuated. Some of the Cruise Oregon money was donated to the Kamiah Credit Union to help in the relief fund for the people that have been burned out. Please pray for them in their efforts to rebuild.

We also bought a brick with your donations that will be permanently installed in Historical Roseberry, Idaho. As soon as we get a picture of that, we will share it with you.

I am going to send out a second email after this one with attachments that you can open and look at if you wish. One is the article announcing our visit to McCall and the other is the really nice article that was in the Kamiah newspaper after we left.

Take care everyone, and have a great Fall and Winter!

Cruise Oregon June Newsletter

Are you ready yet???  Only two more weeks until our Cruise Oregon adventure! All the t's have been crossed and the i's dotted, and it looks like your committee has everything set to go. We gathered this weekend to stuff the goody bags, and have one last meeting before we leave, and now all that is left is to pack and get the cars ready.

As I mentioned last month, be sure to call your hotels and reconfirm your reservations. It's always a good idea, especially when you probably made them over 6 months ago. Get your coolers, chairs, walkie talkies, and GPS's set aside to take, and remember to bring sunscreen. If the weather here is any indication, it's going to be fairly warm where we are going, so be prepared. Cooling towels (found at Home Depot) and neck wraps are very helpful.

On registration day, or whenever you join the group, be sure to find your group leader to check in, say hi, and get a little something they have for you. Pick up your goody bag, put on your name tag, and read your Book. The Book will tell you pretty much all that you need to know for the week, so keep it close by.

Your committee has worked hard the last 10 months on the details for this cruise, and we are all looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great trip!

Be safe, and see you in a couple weeks!

Cruise Oregon May Newsletter

Hi Cruisers!

Wow....!  Time is flying by and May is almost over. Don't forget, your pre-pay/headcount forms need to be postmarked by the end of this month, so you only have about a week and a half left to get those in. If you haven't filled yours out yet, ya better get on it!

Registration closed the end of last month, and our final count was 80 registered for the cruise, with 14 newbies, and 23 from the host club, the Route 26 Cruisers. Should be a nice showing of cars going down the road! For those of you that are registered, you will be receiving a note either by email or snail mail from your group leader around the middle to end of June, introducing themselves. Your group leader is the person you will go to if you have any questions about the cruise - they are all committee members who helped plan it all year and if they don't know the answer to your question, they can find it out for you!

Several people have asked if we will be having a dress up night, or a Bingo night this year. We have a full schedule of events planned, so there will be no Bingo night, but if you are so inclined, you could dress up on Friday night, July 17th, when we are in Boise at the Westside Drive In. It will be an informal dress up night, with no awards or anything...just for fun if you want to do it. You pick the era to represent!

The Cruise Oregon committee is meeting one last time next month to stuff your goody bags for the cruise and talk over the last minute details. We hope you are getting as excited about it as we are!


Cruise Oregon April Newsletter

Hi Cruisers!

We here in Oregon are looking forward to a week of temps in the 70's and beautiful blue, sunny skies. Summer is on it's way and will be here before we know it!

As of last night's meeting, we now have 77 registered cars, with 13 newbies. A couple final reminders : registration officially closes on April 30th, so if you have been sitting on the fence about going, you are running out of time. It's going to be a great trip this year, so get those registrations in postmarked by the 30th! 

Also, when you registered, you were offered a cruise license plate for $16, which will have our mascot on it and denote the 15th anniversary. There will only be ONE order for these collectible metal plates, so if you did not order one already and now want one, you will need to let Karen Strand, the Cruise Director, know by the end of this month. You can email her at cruisedirector@cruiseoregon.com They are a lot of fun to have, and look great on your garage wall after the cruise.

Please make sure you have made your hotel reservations! The group rates we negotiated for you will only be honored until the end of this month. After April 30th, we can not guarantee the room rates at the hotels.

Just as soon as registration is closed, you will receive a snail mail newsletter with info about the cruise and your pre-pay/headcount form. Quite a few of your meals and events are included on the form this year, which I, personally, find really nice - it makes the trip so easy! Anything you pre-pay for will be noted on your name tag so when you get to an event, all you do is show your tag and you are in - easy-peasy! Those forms need to be back to us by the end of May, so please look them over, fill them out and send them back soon.

Your committee has one more regular meeting before we meet in June to stuff your goody bags for the cruise. It's coming up quick, and we are getting excited!

Cruise Oregon March Newsletter

This weekend will be the beginning of Spring and summer is just around the corner! The indoor roadster shows have started, which is the official start of the car show season. Cruise Oregon is only about 4 months away...can you believe it? The time is going to fly by......

As of now, we have 72 registered, with 23 from the Route 26 Cruisers Car club and 11 newbies. Your committee is continuing to work hard on finalizing all the dinners and events along the way, and things are starting to shape up very nicely. Remember, if you are still sitting on the fence, this year will be the 15 year celebration of Cruise Oregon and we have added one day to the trip. The dates will be from Saturday July 11, through Monday July 20th. Registration will be closing on April 30th, so if you are still pondering on it, it's getting down to crunch time!  Why not get that registration form in - where else can you spend a week seeing new sights and having so much fun with a great group of people in classic cars?

As a reminder, here are a couple of the places we will be seeing this time around:

Roseberry - a restored Finnish town  http://historicroseberry.com/

A wonderful dinner cruise on scenic Payette lake in McCall, Idaho - http://www.mccalllakecruises.com/

A fun day at Silverwood theme/water park with a lunch just for us - http://www.silverwoodthemepark.com/

A lunch stop in beautiful Kamiah, Idaho - http://www.kamiahchamber.com/

Another lunch stop in Wallace, Idaho - http://www.wallaceidahochamber.com/

This is just a sampling of the things we will be seeing and doing. It will be a trip you don't want to miss!

Until next month....


Cruise Oregon February Newsletter

Hi Cruisers!

 Happy February! Days are getting longer, and here in Oregon the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom! A fairly dry, warm winter has got everything a bit mixed up, but it sure was nice to be able to actually drive our rods a bit during the dead of winter.    

Things are coming along on the planning for our cruise. We now have 64 registered, ten of which are newbies! If you still haven't sent in your registration, please do it soon. Deadline is April 30th.

Our first night out, we will be having a dinner and will have fun welcoming our newbies!

We have firmed up a dinner cruise on Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho. And the old Finnish town of Roseberry is going to open up for us to tour as well.

We are looking into a possible, fun, lunch stop on the way to Post Falls from McCall.

We have gotten some awesome Silverwood discounts, especially for seniors. And we have firmed up a pizza night on the lawn of the hotel in Post Falls, overlooking the river.

The little town of Salmon is really looking forward to seeing us. We will have an escorted 'parade' through town to the park where we will have dinner and a show 'n shine. I previously mentioned we would be doing a movie in the park, but we decided not to do that, as it doesn't get dark until about 10 PM!

We are still firming up all the little details of the trip, but it's coming together really nicely. Should be a wonderful time this year!

I am always making an effort to clean up the email list. It is getting really long, so if you do NOT want to receive these emails to your in box anymore, please let me know and I will remove you from the list. Remember, you can always read the updates on our website www.cruiseoregon.com as well.

 Until next month ~


Cruise Oregon January Newsletter

Happy New Year! Is everyone sticking to their resolutions? Time to exercise, and try to get those extra holiday pounds off! A good exercise, I hear, is polishing your car, so maybe we will see a bunch of skinny people in shiny hot rods this summer!

We now have 56 registered for the trip, with 21 Route 26 members, and we now have 7 newbies! I heard a few of them are coming up from California. Welcome! If you put your registration aside over the holidays and have not sent it in yet, why not do that now? That way you can get your hotel list and make those reservations.

Your committee has been working hard and things are starting to come together nicely. Here is a short breakdown of some of the things we will be doing on our trip this year:

Friday July 10 - Meet and Greet at Carolina Kustoms in Portland. They are working on their website, but you can find out more about Carolina Kustoms here.  http://carolinakustoms.com/

Saturday July 11 - Registration in Sandy, Oregon and on to Pendleton, Oregon. Dinner at the hotel that evening.

Sunday July 12 - On to McCall, Idaho. Dinner on your own that evening

Monday July 13 - Free day in McCall. We are working on a side trip to Historic Roseberry, which is a restored Finnish town with what looks like a wonderful General Store. You can see more about Roseberry at these two websites.  http://historicroseberry.com/
http://roseberrygeneralstore.com/ ; That evening we will be doing a dinner cruise on beautiful Payette Lake. You can check that out here.

Tuesday July 14 - Off to Post Falls, Idaho and a pizza feed at the hotel that night.

Wednesday July 15 - Free day to explore. We will be offering a side trip to Silverwood Theme Park and Water Park. They are offering us some wonderful discounts and even a lunch while we are there, if you are interested.

Thursday July 16 - On to Salmon, Idaho with a quick stop in Wallace,which is an old silver mining town.
Then we will continue on going through the West side of Montana, through Missoula, to Salmon. We will have a dinner and movie in a park that night.

Friday July 17 - On to Boise, traveling through the Sawtooth Mountains. Dinner and show 'n shine that night at the Westside Drive In. 

Saturday July 18 - Free day in Boise, with dinner that night at the hotel.

Sunday July 19 - Travel back to Pendleton for a dinner at the hotel that night.

Monday July 20 - Say good bye to all the new friends you made and head on home after another wonderful Cruise Oregon adventure!

So, that's about it for this month. Check out the websites and start dreaming about your trip!

Cruise Oregon December Newsletter

The year is really flying by fast and it's hard to think that Christmas is just around the corner and the New Year not far behind! Your Cruise Oregon Committee would like to wish you all a Blessed Christmas, filled with the 4 F's...food, fun, family and friends.

As of our meeting this week, we already have 27 registered for the cruise, with 13 Route 26 Cruiser members and one newbie. Registration forms went out a couple weeks ago and you should have gotten yours in the mail by now. If for some reason you did not, or you want another copy to give to a friend, you can print one off our website at www.cruiseoregon.com

Your committee is busy working out details on some events we hope to have on the cruise. Once we have things firmed up, I will be able to share more with you. I do know that we have arranged to meet up with a local car club in Salmon the night we are there, and have a BBQ in the park. Looking forward to meeting some Idaho car nuts!

I also heard that we will probably be visiting Silverwood Theme Park while in Post Falls, and I know a few that are really looking forward to the water park and roller coasters. Even if you don't want to go on rides, it's a fun place to visit, and you can always stand on the sidelines and squirt your fellow cruisers as they go by ! Oops! Sheriff, I would NEVER do that, so please put your notepad away.....

That's about it for this month, folks. Merry Christmas!


Cruise Oregon November Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

Looks like Winter has hit us a bit early this year - hope you all are surviving this "Polar Vortex" and staying snug and warm! We on the West Coast haven't gotten it that bad, but the poor East Coast and Mid West is getting hit hard. One of our favorite holidays is coming up next week...Thanksgiving! And what do Cruise Oregon people do best???  EAT! Your Cruise Oregon committee wishes you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of good food, family and friends.

Hotels are blocked, and we are working hard on the towns and putting together dinners, and things to see. Some of the things we are looking into include lake cruises, museums, general stores, historic prisons, amusement parks, and maybe even a movie night. I'll fill you in as we confirm.

We have picked a mascot and a catch phrase for 2015. The mascot will be a Monkey, and we will be calling it "Monkeyin' Around." Knowing us, we should have a lot of fun with the monkey theme!

  Registrations will be going out the first part of December, so watch your snail mail for yours. We will again offer the one of a kind license plates, and they will commemorate the 15th year of Cruise Oregon, so be sure to order yours on your registration form, as we will only place ONE order for them. You snooze, you lose....LOL. They are fun to have on the cruise, and look great on your garage wall after it is over.

That's about all for now.....I will update more again next month!


Cruise Oregon October Newsletter


The Fall season has begun, leaves are changing, and cruise in's for the year are winding down. Just about time to put those cars to bed for the winter and dream of next year's fun!

Our Cruise Oregon adventure for 2015 is starting to shape up. It will be the 15th year, and we have some fun, new towns to visit.  I can now share where we will be going, and if any of you have suggestions for things to see in these towns, please share them with us as soon as you can, so we can look into your ideas.

Here is a breakdown of where we will be going:

Saturday 7/11/15 - Pendleton, Oregon
Sunday 7/12/15 - McCall, Idaho
Monday 7/13/15 - McCall, Idaho
Tuesday 7/14/15 - Post Falls, Idaho
Wednesday 7/15/15 - Post Falls, Idaho
Thursday 7/16/15 - Head South through Western Montana to Salmon, Idaho
Friday 7/17/15 - Boise, Idaho
Saturday 7/18/15 - Boise, Idaho
Sunday 7/19/15 - Pendleton, Oregon (Different hotel)
Monday 7/20/15 - Head on home!

The trip will be a celebration of the 15th year of Cruise Oregon, and we will be extending it by one day, to be 9 nights and 10 days. Get ready to see pretty much the whole state of Idaho- North, South, East and West!

Your committee is now looking into things to do in each town, and will be working on that for the next few months.

Have a great Halloween everyone!

Cruise Oregon September Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

     How are you all? Seems like it's been a while since we last talked! And how 'bout this year's Cruise Oregon???? It was a great trip, and I think we all really enjoyed it. I know I did!

    Now it's back to the planning for Cruise Oregon 2015. We had our first meeting this week and everyone on the committee is very excited about next year. We are working on a route and securing hotels, and hopefully I will have more to tell you about it next month. Mark your calendars for July 11-19, 2015, and for those the do not know yet, we will be going to Idaho!

   The committee all read your comment cards and we discussed all the pros and cons you mentioned. We are very happy to see more pros than cons! Thank you to all of you that took the time to let us know your feelings about the trip.

    I have been working hard on looking through all the pictures submitted and hope to have them up on the website by the end of the month. There are hundreds of them, and I am trying to limit the slideshows to at most, 50 pictures from each event. Hopefully you will all like the results and feel it represents the week well!

   That's about all I have for you this month. Enjoy the cooler days, and hopefully we will all still be able to get our cars out and about for another month or so!