For four years, Karl & Mary Wescott (Wescott's Auto Restyling) led the Northwest leg of Americruise. From that experience, Mary had a spark of an idea… to explore the fabulous and diverse beauty that is uniquely Oregon; a 1,280 mile loop that would take most participants no more than a day away from home. She asked if the Route 26 Cruisers were interested in running with her idea… and we jumped at the opportunity to organize and lead this great tour and in 2001 "Cruise Oregon" was born.  In addition to Oregon we’ve traveled throughout the states of Washington, California, into Idaho, Nevada, and even Canada! We’ve had people from 11 different states join in and as many as 165 classic cars involved, with folks participating in a variety of organized events in the towns that we’ve visited during a week of good fun, friends, and cars!  

Barbara Hussey was chairperson of Cruise Oregon 2001-2005.  Karen Strand took over as cruise director in 2006 and has been in charge of this wonderful annual event ever since.

The cruise is a one week event that can cover up to 1,700 miles with a different route each event.  Along with all the fun, money is also raised for charities and community programs that the Route 26 Cruisers support.  Below is a list of organizations Cruise Oregon has donated to from past events:


2006: Donated $5,000 to fund a local wish for Make A Wish Foundation of Oregon

2007: Donated to $500 given to the Sandy VFW; $2,658 donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind

2008: $4,178 donated to Mt. Hood Hospice

2009: Donated $3,123 to the Sandy Kiwanis

2010: Donated $1,150 to the Sandy Kiwanis, $6,741 donated to My Fathers House

2011: Donated total $4,753.59

                      ·         $1,000.00 to the Von Hunter Memorial Scholarship Fund

·         $2,200.59 to purchase Christmas gifts for teens in conjunction with the Sandy Kiwanis

·         $500.00 to Beat the Heat

·         $1,053.00 to Forget Me Not Program/Oregon Trail School District (to purchase school supplies)

·         86 pounds of soaps, lotions, and shampoos to Sno Cap in Sandy to help low income families

2012: Donated total $5,000

·         $1,250.00 donated toForget Me Not (to help the school district provide backpacks, books, school supplies, and basics such as shoes and socks for underprivileged children)

·         $2,000.98 donated to Route 26 Cruisers fund to buy teen Christmas gifts as part of the Kiwanis Christmas basket program

·         $750.00 donated to Sandy Action (Food Bank)

·         $500.00 donated to Mount Hood Hospice

·         $500.00 donated to Beat the Heat Racing Program to keep kids from street racing

2013: Donated total $4,700

·         $2,350 donated to the fund for teen gift shopping for the Kiwani's Christmas baskets

·         $550 donated to Sandy Action Food Bank

·         $550 donated to My Father's House

·         $1,250 donated to the Forget Me Not program to get school supplies

2014: Donated $4,581.50

·         $1,500 donated to the Forget Me Not Program

·         $2,000 donated to the Sandy Action Center Food Bank

·         $1,000 donated to Mt. Hood Hospice

·         $2,246.71 saved to buy teen gifts for the Sandy Kiwani's Christmas Basket program

2015: Donated $7,318.97

·          $250.00 to the Long Valley Preservation Society (Roseberry)

·         $714.00 to the Kamiah Kiwanis

·         $200.00 to the Kamiah Community Credit Union

·         $2,500.00 to the Sandy Action Community Center

·         $2,500.00 to the Oregon National Guard Family Assistance Program

·         $1,154.97 to the Christmas Shopping Fund/Sandy Kiwanis

2017:  Donated $4,367.80

·         $3,000 to Kiwanis Christmas Basket Program (Route 26 club does shopping for that)

·         $1,000 to Mt. Hood Hospice

·         $1,225.43 to Sandy Action Center Food Bank

·         $250 to Siuslaw Middle & High School Bands and Athletic Dept. in memory of Roy Donaghey

2018:  Donated $4,231.85

  •  $2,031.85 to Kiwanis Christmas Basket Program (Route 26 club does shopping for that)
  •  $1,000 to Mt. Hood Hospice
  •  $1,200 to Sandy Action Center Food Bank

2019:  Donated $3874

  • $2024 to Kiwanis Christmas Basket Program (Route 26 club does the shopping for that)
  • $1000 to Mt. Hood Hospice
  • $850 to Sandy Action Center Food Bank



The tradition continues and we look forward to many more years of Cruise Oregon fun!

The Cruise Oregon tour is sponsored and run by the Route 26 Cruisers car club from Sandy, Oregon.  All are welcome to come along!

Route 26 Cruisers
PO Box 490
Sandy, OR 97055