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Cruise Oregon October Newsletter


Happy Fall!

The night's are getting chillier, but we in the NW have been enjoying an Indian Summer with temps in the 70's for the last couple weeks. It's been wonderful, and gives us more time to enjoy the Fall colors, since it isn't stormy and rainy and knocking all the leaves off the trees. Still good cruisin' weather so far as well!

The committee met again last night and the whole meeting was about deciding where Cruise Oregon will go next year. We had 5 routes to choose from, so we mapped them out, and discussed each one, then voted to come up with one. I can now tell you that Route #2 was the winner and we will be staying in Oregon next year.

Many people have been asking about Kerry, and he wants you all to know that he is hanging in there, and still working hard on his recovery. He's been doing a lot of cardio rehab and doctoring, so he is never bored! He really appreciates everyone's concern, cards, and calls. We'll update you each month on how he is doing.

Save the dates: July 13-21st, 2019.

Happy Halloween, everyone. More details next month, once we check into motels and confirm the towns we will be visiting.